Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tea and movies

Leaf tea has been going down a treat at home, my dad really likes the Mango, mum really likes the Strawberry champagne and I really like all of them - particularly in little cups from a teapot. 
The Hobbit is showing as of now and I cannot wait to see it! There are rarely movies i really want to see at the movies now but this is one of them, i watched the making of blog video which can be found here:
It's so exciting! It will be interesting to see the difference in film quality from the way of filming they talked about using. I'm also so glad that they filmed it here in New Zealand... It wouldn't have been the same with that other director, probably would have made me feel a bit sick and sad with what it could have been. Very little movies make me excited.... this/these three are one of them as it's going to be SOOO GOOOD...

We've been having movie nights.... I'm sure i had strange dreams last night
Making tea....
I've made two tumblr blogs too, one as a photo diary and another for all the lovely things I find
They're both quite lovely :) 

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  1. Your blog is awesome/ Will be following your tumblr roll! :)