Sunday, December 9, 2012

Imagine / Diane Sagnier

She is a French photographer of the blog D-Birds and the Monkey Toads
Her beautiful pictures full of the love of a free-seeming life make you imagine....


I wish to dye the very tips of my hair red, though i may let it seep up a little in the well know dip-dye styling. My hair is full of the summer sun, tips lighting and strands strangely pale against the rest. I wish for my autumn coloured hair to feel the heat of the red on its ends, my vague Scottish heritage which shines through the brown in the sunlight to always be there. I'm going to dye it red by the end of summer. That will be fun.
I wish to roll down grassy hills or stairs faster and faster but not get hurt at the bottom
I wish to start a garden of tulips in the soil around my house that will not welcome them and the wind of wellington which will destroy them before the even bloom, but i want to try anyway in a nook of the house and see if they can bloom.
I wish to run into the sea in my clothes, having spent the night drinking wine inside by the heat of a fire with friends and to feel the sudden madness of the sea outside the tipsy swirl of my head.
I wish to lie in the sun on the grass or the sand and for my skin to glow a caramel gold instead of marsh-mellow pink. I am already tan this year from Melbourne, this hardly ever happens and is exciting.
I wish to eat ice-cream with other things mixed in like brownie, Ferraro rocher, nerds, skittles, pebbles... the possibilities are endlessly delicious
I wish to go to a concert..... I've never been to one before, even at 18 most people I know have been to one and said it was amazing.

Her photographs make me feel and imagine what i could go out and do.... so i will
Off I go!

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