Thursday, May 9, 2013


My first year in a flat
So much freedom, so much that goes wrong, so behind on lectures
Oh dear

Made the most amazing breakfast a few days ago, it lit up the rest of my day
How does this sound? Cinnamon roasted pears, almonds, and cashews with Greek yogurt
It makes me so very happy i might even forget how terrifying my morning was and how badly wrong the rest of my day has been.
Its simple and quick: 1 pear cut into 1 inch slices, handful of almonds and cashews in the oven and sprinkle with cinnamon - oven at about 150-200 degrees C, its all fine so long as you keep watch and don't burn anything :) I burnt my tongue today, still can't taste anything... yes my day really is going so well.
Once its ready and slightly browned put it in a bowl on top of a mound of greek yogurt. So many flavours, so little time. Pears are on special at the moment so i think i shall go get some more as this actually makes my morning worth it.

Something nice happened on Monday too - a boy in my class gave me his coffee card fully completed with a free coffee on it, i'd told him what my day was going to be like and he just gave it to me! So kind... i get very clingy to that sort of thing as i feel like I've really earned my free one by the end of a card but he said he had a friend at that coffee shop who gave him free size upgrades so... he wins really but it still made me really happy.

One of my flatmates keeps using the dryer so unnecessarily - why not just hang it up outside to dry?? Its getting really cold now and we haven't even used our heat pump yet so i wish he wouldn't then maybe that extra chunk of the power bill could go towards other things! Being the only girl in my flat though... i don't want to be the flat mum/complain about everything all the time.
I got a mink blanket though, and polar fleece sheets, and wear my onesie and ugg boots around at night in the flat (shameless), and wear my puffer jacket and polyprops (thermals) to bed... how am i still cold.
Two of my flatmates went and got onesies today from bed bath and beyond so this could get quite amusing as Harry is the biggest in a purple one, then Mia is next tallest in a green one (not a flat mate but she is always here), then Caitlin has a yellow one (another friend) and she is next tallest after that, and i have red homemade one and am by far the smallest. How are we so like telly tubbies and it wasn't planned.

I was hoping to catch a plane home for a weekend trip to see my family, Harriet and Ryan but it seems Air New Zealand hates me - there was a mothers day special on with affordable flights for every combination except Wellington-Dunedin. I miss Harriet - i want to see her as much as possible so this is killing me as i didn't get to see her in the holidays as she didn't realise i only had a weeks holiday home. Have been talking to Ryan most days which is nice. Family misses me <3
But Hat i want to see the most, so much it's almost painful... here's her blog: Lets just say her most recent update says "I never thought i'd be happy being told i only have six months left to live..." I need to see her.
I always talk to her when i am unhappy or worried so maybe i will later tonight but i never want to be the boring friend who is always having a wah about something not very important.

My friend Kate just found out today she has been chosen to go to Canada for a year next year; fuck i'm going to miss her.
I've somehow broken myself (when do i not?) but its been getting worse - feels like a foot strain but i couldn't walk home today i was in too much pain. It hurts now and i'm not even putting weight on it. Worst physio ever? My future - can't even fix myself
I burnt my tongue on the most underwhelming curry I've ever had that i bought just to make me feel better and was instead thoroughly disappointed with.
Hit my shin on my wooden bedframe getting out of bed early this morning - yes i still have lectures 8am and 9am every day and i think i will go to the farmers market tomorrow so.... early early
Went to hand in my clinical sheet and got told i'd done it wrong and forgotten to do some others so try again.
I have a crazy headache that i have had since i opened my eyes today.
I almost cried in my lab today because i didn't understand anything that the demonstrator said, the headache did not help x

There's what i'm not going to complain to Hat about, i would rather tell her about the nicer things

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