Thursday, December 6, 2012


Had the most amazing time at Amie's house with Caitlin and Craig. Through thunder storms and melting hot days where the night was warm we found fun things to do and places to go. Jumping in the waves, pancakes with mango, looking out over cliffs, bbq's by the river with a basketball.... 

Staying at Wills was nice too, and seeing Grace again! There was a lot of ice cream and chocolate involved but i'm back to healthier ways now. We found a tea shop with the most amazing flavours - I got cottle chai, strawberry and champagne, and mango along with Christmas tea for my family. The Christmas tea smelled of Christmas cake - almond, cloves, spice... I can't wait to taste it! The forth thunder storm was at least four hours long, at 2am I was tensed by my window trying to capture a crack of lightning. There was also a great day in Melbourne city that i'll share more on later :)

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