Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo diary

There a quite a number of reasons i have made this blog
I feel the need to be honest, free and happy.. this makes me feel so
I love to share my pictures and paintings and experiences, pieces of my life that make me so happy
Here are photos from my life for the last two years, the year it snowed for the very first time (global warming uh oh?), the year of my final year of school before i could 'escape' of sorts, the year i fell out of love and have been lost to it ever since and the year i began to feel a little lost and wished to travel places with a feeling so strong i still feel its power. The photos are my own and occasionally others:

This year is my first year away from home and I miss it (my cats, family, food, friends, comfort and sitting by the fireplace with a hot drink - I do love my hot drinks) This year has been the hardest year of my life with the course I am taking, now in my second semester and the mid-semester exams are a mere 8 days away.

My final portfolio, at the viewing evening 2011
My shared birthday with Kate - we camped, made rainbow jelly and swam in the sea in our underwear
paint party at Venture, it was huge and very cold afterwards
The strangest art project for school of my life
Floorball, we played this for a while. We were the only non-adult team

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