Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crowned in trouble


Everyone has their motives for the way they are, sometimes they forget that other people care
Life is troubling at the moment, everyone is extremely opinionated when i just want to float on through with a happy face on painting the world and learning the health sciences for interest. Well, interest and a battle of learning, physiotherapy sounds interesting but very one way as you can't branch out so easily as with a bachelor of science.
I met a girl who painted cherries on my fingertips last night
I drank fluorescent green drinks that tasted of Malibu and pink grapefruit and weren't too sweet for me, then shots came out as is the Dunedin way. Myself and Judge found bright yellow cowboy hats and purple lays and leaned back on chairs as we waited for everyone to come back in and smile at our outfits.
We gathered in the courtyard and called up at people through windows, people being someone named Blackbeard as that was his last name, i like his name.
Then we went to dinner and all the calm and fun went out the window, it was so loud in my ears and people would listen or not listen and not everyone knew everyone else and so passed meaningful glances along the table about these 'other people'. I was the only person at the table who knew every single person.. the way that they then dealt with each other was both interesting and i-don't-want-to-be-here. Some people really are territorial over the strangest things it seems, that and there was a crazily high number of girls present.

Health sciences

It's not too bad and not too wonderful at the moment being a first year health science.. our numbers at my residential hall have more than halved since the beginning of the year and still i am on my way toward this goal I've had since year 10. I'm feeling far more shaky than before about such a dead-set straight course of this to this to this. Our human body systems (HUBS) terms test on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems was on Friday and i found it fine, which surprised me as i had seen the averages for the test from the last two years were 50% and 56% average marks. Which are pretty low considering that so many have dropped out already, so i would have thought the average might increase after the mid-semester break at home. It is true that the work load has decreased with only three papers this semester and i feel like i have far more time. With a 15% epidemiology test in 5 days i may need that time for more studious reasons now and leave my gym sessions at Unipol until late in the evenings. Also reading notes at the gym while cycling or on the cross-trainer is a great idea!


Making daisy-chains is just something that should be done when ever possible. In winter here there are no flowers, unsurprisingly.. but there are just a few more months until spring. 
This was in high summer when we made butter-cup chains and wore them on our heads until we felt silly (no longer in the hills) and i rescued a tiny rabbit from a grey cat who was determined for me not to have it. 

It seems like forever when i first discovered oil paints and was painting little pictures on my friends skin on our Easter camp in the middle of no where. That was the camp where i wore a home-made onesie and awoke with morning hair that was interesting and huge. I had my hot air balloon obsession at that point, there is something very charming about them that exceeds the beauty a plane can have. I still wish i could take a ride in one. 
All just for fun of course

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