Monday, August 13, 2012

Finders Sharers

I've found an interesting artist; i usually do not like sculpture at all and yet i like these. Combined with painting as Shintaro Ohata has done it is actually rather beautiful, in a style that is fresh to my eyes.


I have three days till my epidemiology exam and it seems more and more to me like it is a nothing subject with very little you can study for it.
Finding friends birthday present is extremely difficult sometimes, boys are so much harder than girls. With two weeks to go i'm thinking about this: for kicks, though i have no idea how to order off amazon i still feel a unicorn mask would go down quite well.

Super 8 film magic from Door 121.   

Photographer: Zachary Handley
Model: Kendall Walters
Stylists: Elena Antoniou and  Sarah Leung
Filmography/DOP: Andrew Kaineder Graphics: Studio Alté
Music: 1976 Studios/Planet Love Sound - "We'll Be Alright (Outro)"

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