Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sweet treats

There are so many places i would like to go, things to see and idea to try

Gelato Messina in Kings cross, Sydney. It has been voted the best Gelato in Australia. the little shop looks so cute and the piles of Italian goodness are so thick and creamy. Unlucky i live in New Zealand then...
 in one of the most delicious posts ever made by Nicole Warne,
It's full of beautiful food, my favourite to look at xx
This year i have made a friend who has never in her life tasted Gelato, something i intend to change over summer in December. My place of choice to do this will of course be Cafe Eis, the Gelato and coffee place by the sea to go in Wellington. By the end of my life i hope to have slowly but surely tried all the different flavours you can make in Gelato, luckily i have a long way to go <3 It's so much more refreshing than ice cream...
Of course there's so much more food to look forwards to in Summer, like the berries, melons, Christmas tiramisu and being at home and baking.. Only 6 months to wait, student life-style till then
another photo from Gary pepper vintage of beautiful food
Till then i can wrap up warm, study and drink hot drinks after chilly outdoor walks
Mum came and visited me during the week, it was wonderful to see her... we did everything
She flew down while i was in a laboratory for biochemistry and waited for me in my room, then we went out for lunch at the Captain Cook with my friends. It's Dunedin's classic cheap student bar with good food. We had wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce while we all talked about finding flats.. one of my favourite unhealthy lunch foods down here. 
After lectures for the day she took a few of us out to dinner and we went to Etrusco which is an Italian restaurant that makes amazing pasta and pizza. You can always tell an Italian place is good if the have correct Italian spelling on the menu and use buffalo mozzarella on the margarita, but I had -

Diced Pancetta (cured ham) flamed in vodka with cream, chilli, tomato, parmesan and
fresh parsley
It was amazing, i loved the Italian place.. It had a warm, comfortable candlelit environment with the fire burning and fantastic food. Mums looked really nice too -

Penne pasta tossed in spinach and toasted pinenuts with a dash of cream and fresh Parmesan
I feel i'll be trying to home-make both at home over the end of year holidays, both have become favourites 

On Friday after we walked around and I showed her the view from up the steep streets, then we went to Everyday Gourmet, where we had gingerbread hot chocolate and i tried my very first macaroon; it was earl grey. It was slightly citrus because of the bergamot oil in earl grey which i didn't expect but was quite nice. 

Tale of fireworks underwater

It was Guy Fawkes and we had these tiny traffic-light coloured fire works that spun in multicoloured circles, we sat on the beach and were deafened with the crackle of the main show and after it was over we lit them and threw them on the sand and bounced them off the waves... then they kept going. A flare of red and orange and yellow from under the waves as the firework exploded under the sea. The boys smoked their cigars and drank beer as we lit sparklers and i ran around with it outside, staring into it and laughing.
We tried it again later in a bucket to prove to parents it was true

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