Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's strange to finally begin this, something new... something honest and full of life.
I am Sarah.
I will tell stories, share loves and pieces of my life to give me a grip on myself in a hard year of change

It is the middle of winter at University of Otago i miss my time of being almost completely free;
We had picnics in the sun far up on the hills, our heads were crowned with buttercups as we played with swords that someone had found.
We walked along the skyline with cameras trained at the sky as the falling sunlight created plays of colour behind the windmills, then, as a storm gathered and a wall of rain could be seen moving in we ran down again as fast as we could, soaking wet, clothes clinging to our bodies, breathless in our attempt to to race the weather home.
It snowed for the first time in our lives last year and we escaped up to where it was untouched and thickest, almost catching hypothermia as I had raced straight from school, throwing snow at each other the boys ripped off their shirts and let the ice wind hit them to see how it felt. Purple skinned with black school shoes slipping on the iced rocks we hurried back off the ridge-line, a man with skis gave me barley sugars to keep my temperature out of danger - i'd never seen anyone up there ski before and laughed to see him slip away.

I long for summer though it is the middle of winter
At least i feel allowed to drink many, many hot chocolates
My favourite i have found was the gingerbread hot chocolate from Everyday Gourmet, it is perfect <3
Today it was Gusto Cioccolato's -The joy of chocolate- Original Espresso chocolate drink. Mum gave me a package of it for Christmas, it was rich, creamy and hot enough to warm my fingers.
It was such a rich deep colour
Gingerbread hot chocolate
Just the right amount of sweet, depth and spice
Been there more than once for this, even on a student budget
I try to be an artist in the spare time i can find
Working towards this at the moment:
My very first art exhibition where i can show ten pieces, ten pieces i have not yet made..

The last project i did for myself was the sketchbook project, it was nice not to feel pressure to spend weeks on a piece like i usually do and i completed most pieces in about ten minutes just to see what happened. It was very laid back, watching my pencil drift across the paper with no care about the due date.
My theme was 'coffee and cigarettes' which was given to me and i then sent it off for the sketchbook tour around America.
I would have little ideas and just start drawing, 
like: The creation of coffee (top left) and, Second hand smoke (top right)
What was sweet of my friends was there there was an entry fee of  about $50 US, but they started a group that went around asking for donations to support me in my love for art. It was lovely how many people wanted to help out, it showed how many people cared and believed in me. 

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