Monday, May 13, 2013

Coffee and Modaks love, and a birthday checklist

Today i pretended i was studying (alright i did a little) and had a salted caramel and chocolate slice from Modaks Espresso house which is till one of my favourite places - reminds me of home, everyone says its a piece of Wellington lost in Dunedin so <3 It has vegan and vegetarian food and amazing smoothies and coffee.... oh coffee i love you
Lets just say its known for its fries and wedges ;)
My nice camera's hidden away in Wellington for safety this year but i have borrowed images from other people to show Modaks:


I went there because yesterday I was out searching for cafes with Kathyrn who was down for Otago open day and was shouting me lunch, we decided on Modaks and shared the most amazing vegetarian nachos and cajun chips with sauces. She works at a farmer's market in Queenstown and knows a lovely lady who makes blood orange tea and is going to send me some to sip during exam time. She's one of a few people i know who drink their coffee short and black with lemon which i appreciate, most people i know are long black or milky kids - I am a latte girl myself and i love it but if i ever own my own coffee machine i will definitely experiment more. Its always extremely exciting when you arrive at a friends house and they have one x
Anyway, I saw the slice in the window and knew i would be coming back tomorrow just to brighten my day.
So it happens that post-slice i feel a little sick, very belly conscious and having even more trouble concentrating on study than earlier! Not such a bright day. I'm wrapped up in bed under my mink blanket in my onesie typing to clear my head a little and then i shall try again - only 6.21pm so.... long time till the test tomorrow!
May have some tea
Maybe some dinner too
We have pretty much empty cupboards at the moment in the flat though so... i'm looking forwards to exploring the farmers market on Saturday, I've never been there so i'm rather excited.

There's a BYO for 2nd and 3rd years on Friday but i'm a bit undecided if i shall go, i hope my pretty new dress will have arrived but with my luck these days...
Basically my life at the moment is entirely surrounded by wanting food, keeping warm, studying for final exams in three weeks, and trying to reassure my mum i'm not sick/broken.

I am craving every food there ever was, oh no
This was the latest day of crazy fun for a friend's 18th, there have been days since that but i really enjoyed the madness - it was a hot mess:
Need 18th birthday crazy checklist sash ideas? Or you could do a t-shirt but.... i'm impressed she finished x
5 minutes to midnight and they were all checked off! <3 she is wild

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