Wednesday, January 25, 2017

the beginning

I've been working for a year as a physio
Finally getting back into art and it feels seriously good

I have so many plans, so many ideas, it's like I've overcome the point of starting over the last few weeks - i always tripped on beginnings, then once begun on finishing what i started. 
Finished two pieces i began years ago and have carried with me since, the circling sharks, and the mountains beyond the lake landscape. 

I've started learning to use medium with oil paints, picked up some gesso and fast drying medium which can mix with my water soluble oils and got started. 

I booked myself a weeks holiday and didn't go traveling at all, i just started creating. 

I've been looking into creating prints of my work and selling them for a little over the making cost. Also grand plans of themed works based on issues that tear up my heart to think about. Deforestation, working conditions for tea pickers of Assam, woman's refuge, and protecting animals like elephants are a few - donating any profits i make would feel nice.

I have overcome my fear of needles, being tattooed and learning how to hand poke tattoo over the last few months. Also preparing to learn dry needling for physiotherapy by feeling it on myself.

I have been tramping more, being out there in the wilderness with the fiercely fresh wind, stinging cold of streams, and dripping heat of the sun and I feel strong.

This is a beginning
I look forwards to the story


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