Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Summer is coming

There are so many plans to make!
To eat decadent ice cream with tiny spoons in pretty sundresses in the sun and catch it while it melts, to have a tea party with fairy bread, hot cookies and tea/coffee to dip things in, and to have lots of summer picnics (already had one!).
Then there's to watch The Wall Flower with Emma Watson - i hope it's good, has anyone seen it yet? thoughts? I'll be summer shopping soon; I'm leaving for Melbourne for a week soon with a friend and i hear Australia in summer is mmmmmm so hot. I'm still on a search for flattering tops on me, or just clothes in general as I grew again this year and haven't replaced my clothes on a student budget. I'm thinking of these:
Jorge's champagne Oak shirt 
Paint it red's dirty diamond's dress
Paint it red's tainted love dress

I've been feeling rather strongly about staying healthy/healthier though i'm never going to not eat ice cream for the rest of my life as that's crazy! I have a summer glow to my skin already, I have been going to the gym with my mum and walking with my dad, and i have eaten so many strawberries. There are some gorgeous inspirations out there after all for being happily healthy. I find smoothie creations are the most fun, mixing nuts, yogurt, fresh fruit in every way, i found this useful: It's creations for every situation :) hungover, pre and post-exercise, metabolism boosting, coffee-kicking, energy boosting creations of every colour.
The beautifully doe eyed LANA DEL RAY
Beauties of summer.

I have my whole summer ahead of me
It's a wonderful feeling, working so hard and then it all ceasing to exist for a few months, ignoring the uncertainty that is always around the corner, smiling to yourself before you go to bed. There were tiny children running around for Halloween - spiderman was chasing a batman down the street and i laughed and an older man saw me laughing and smiled, then you feel warm inside. There's so much that is bad and wrong out there that i'm fighting to enjoy everything we still have, there's the 5 degree temperature rise models beginning to look more accurate which would cause extreme extinction, for example it would take out the coffee beans that the majority of people enjoy - Greek and Turkish coffee would be safe i hear. I want to do something helpful, in my little way, but with things continuing the way the do and key factors unchanged it does seem too late. What can we do? Not much. So try to have a good life; be kind, environmentally conscious within reason, and enjoy what there is before it disappears. I won't be 18 for much longer after all...

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